Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wyatt arrested. See NWHerald.com

(9:40PM) At 1:34PM today the Northwest Herald published an article about Jennifer Wyatt's arrest on an obstructing justice charge. The article was updated at 7:19PM. Seethe Northwest Herald article here.

Readers called me at 1:44PM, 1:54PM and 2:27PM. Thank you!!!

I was working at a Woodstock polling place today and tried to post using a SmartPhone. It's not so smart as I had thought it was. It would let me write a headline but not add any article or text. So I'll now have to refer to it as a DumbPhone.

Unfortunately, the Northwest Herald story is a masterpiece of nothing. A reader cannot even figure out what Jennifer Wyatt is alleged to have done.

On June 10, 2010, Jenn called me and told me that she had dropped off Beth near the Centralia, Ill. Amtrak station and that Beth had never intended to take a train. What did Jenn originally tell the Woodstock P.D., after a missing person case was filed by Bentley family members on Monday night, May 24, 2010? Did she tell them that she had dropped Beth off to take a train or just that she had dropped off Beth near the Amtrak station.

I know that I made an erroneous assumption immediately that Beth had taken the 6 o'clock train north toward Chicago. I checked the Amtrak schedule for its arrival time in Chicago and for the Metra to Woodstock. I wondered who was picking Beth up at 2:05AM, when the Metra train arrived in Woodstock.

But did Jenn really tell police that Beth had taken the train? Or did everyone assume that?

Since I've been writing about this since June 2010, why did it take 21 months for police to charge Wyatt with lying about the train?

And who charged her? You certainly cannot tell from the article. Did Woodstock Police charge her, or did the Illinois State Police charge her? As of tonight there is no case against Wyatt in the online records of the McHenry County Circuit Clerk. Was she charged downstate and arrested locally on a warrant?

Seems to me that, if she was arrested and already being released on Tuesday on a $7,000 bail from the McHenry County Jail, then there ought to be some local record online, if there is to be a local record.

The reporters also wrote, "Police now say Wyatt was lying when she said she did not have contact with Bentley two days later, according to the criminal complaint."

What does that mean? "Two days later" after what date? Two days after the reported drop-off on Sunday, May 23, in Centralia? Two days after Jenn returned to Woodstock on Monday, May 24? Two days after Beth and Jenn were supposed to have left Woodstock on Thursday, May 20?

And so, if Jenn is alleged to have lied about not having contact with Beth "two days later", does that mean that the police believe Jenn did have contact with Beth? Could that be two days after the Sunday Jenn dropped Beth off?

Is the mystery starting to clear up, or is it getting murkier?


Whitmore2 said...

Paging Mark Gummerson...

Debra said...


Pamela Whitson said...

Who arrested her and when . . . she posted bond today, but I did not see any other info.

Debra & Whitmore2, Ditto!!!

Bis4bunny said...

well, well, well,
the onion is starting to peel
as it has always smelled on her

Gus said...

Wednesday morning's print edition of the NWH says Woodstock PD arrested her on Monday.

Debra said...

I hope that which ever agency is working on this that they are keeping others under a watchful eye. I know, I am a dreamer, but Jenn did not act alone in this. Just sayin'.....