Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sheriff fails to halt Pyle's pay

The McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission met this morning in its regularly-scheduled March monthly meeting. On the Agenda was Item 6.0, "Executive Session."

There being no topic to be discussed during an Executive Session, the Commissioners proceeded to the end of the meeting.

Chairperson Janelle Crowley bagged the meeting and did not show up for the 10:30AM start. Not only that, she gave no notice to the other four commissioners that she would not attend, and she could not be reached. The commissioners waited ten minutes for her, and then Commissioner Patrick McAndrews called the meeting to order at 10:40AM. (Crowley recently left her position as HR Director for the City of Woodstock and is not HR Director for Elgin Community College. She could have taken a personal day today to fulfill her duty, but that might have cost her $400-500.)

Minutes and bills were approved. Applications were passed around from three persons for lateral consideration, including one from Maricopa County, Arizona. A motion was made to add those applications to the eligibility list. (Isn't the eligibility list a list of those ready to be hired?)

A file of letters was circulated without comment among the commissioners.

And then the meeting was adjourned at about 10:50AM

Out of respect for the agenda and protocol, when the Executive Session item passed, I did not ask for an opportunity to speak. The public comment portion of the meeting had been earlier.

After the meeting I expressed my outrage that Sheriff Keith Nygren had failed to bring the matter of Sgt. Greg Pyle's employment before the Merit Commission. What possible reason could Nygren have for delaying? Does he intend not to fire Pyle?

Pyle has been charged, arrested and indicted on felony charges. I was going to write "serious felony charges", but all felonies are serious. Nygren could have called a Special Meeting of the Merit Commission in January. he could have arranged for Pyle's termination to be considered at the February Regular Meeting but, instead, that meeting was canceled. And nothing happened at this meeting.

Why is Nygren waiting? How much longer will Nygren pay Pyle $9,000/month? How much longer, Keith?


drapermafia said...

Thanks for spending my tax dollars Keith....

Concerned Citizen said...

On Cal's blog were a few good comments about the reasoning. Two persons, Really and Justin brought some good points to the table. ( Citing Surpeme Court Decisions) I think Justin explained it quite well and too bad that section of Cal's blog isn't reposted here. I too would like to see Plye bounced, but if there is a likelihood that it would harm the criminal case, then leave it go.

I wonder if that person from Maricopa Cty is the same female that used to work here as a corrctions officer, went to AZ and was was featured on the Police Women of MAricpoa County reality show?

DownByTheRiver said...

$100k per, huh?