Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Time Indefinite" become Definite ...

... and so quickly, too.

Remember the polished phrase at the recent City Council meeting, when the Mayor and the counsel for Woodstock Christian Life Services did their little dance around the next time WCLS would be back for approval? Recall the "time indefinite" phrase, nicely twirled and tossed out at the public (like they might not understand the twisted jargon used to confuse the public about just when WCLS would be back)?

And here they come! On Tuesday (that's this Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 7:00PM) the WCLS will be back in the face of the City Council to seek approval of its project, presumably including the demolition of Grace Hall.

Did they have all their promised meetings with neighbors and residents? Did "collaboration" occur? You know, that fancy, 13-letter word that is supposed to result in harmonious, thorough discussions between interested parties? Did any of the promised meetings occur?

How did WCLS get everything scheduled and arranged, and completed, in such a short time that it can be back on the City Council's agenda so quickly? Or is it ready to just take another run at the City Council?

Has any of the City Council been contacted directly by WCLS or any of its representatives or lawyers? Is that called lobbying? Should such contact be disclosed on Tuesday by members of the City Council as soon as the issue is opened for discussion? Will any member of the City Council have to recuse himself (herself) for conflict of interest? That hasn't happened yet. Are there any unannounced conflicts? Prior business dealings? Relatives who are residents of any WCLS property? Ever any inquiry about placing a relative there?

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