Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help Wanted: Bank President

"WANTED: Top executive for train-wreck bank about to be seized by federal regulators. Must be able to look busy while FDIC sells business from under you. Previous experience with angry shareholders sitting on worthless stock a plus. Perks: $7.5 million hiring bonus and $11.6 million cash severance."

Washington Mutual's Alan Fishman got $19,000,000 for being on the job for three weeks!

This is from Kim Peterson's article on at

If you are outraged by this, read what some of the others got (or will get) for their "work" at WaMu!!!

Are we headed for a revolution in this country? No? Maybe we ought to be!

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Kyle S. said...

I still get "junk" mail from them for WaMu credit cards.

Yeah .. Let me jump on that offer.