Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fooling Around with Credit Cards

Recently I received a new Citi bankcard and a letter informing me that my previous card was being replaced. I figure out why, since I had not used the card for two years. I didn't really want the replacement card, but I put it in a stack of to-be-handled-later mail and came across it earlier today.

I recalled reading that online account management was not available when I received the card, and this morning I telephone CitiBank to inquire whether online account management was now available. I was pleased to learn that it is, and all I needed to do was go to

Well, maybe it was at 8:00AM, but it wasn't when I tried to set up the account this evening. After a short struggle online, I telephoned the Help number on the website and learned I would have to call the number on the back on my card.

Upon calling that number tonight, I learned that the vendor for CitiBank has been fooling around since 2004 and hasn't yet set up online account management. This card is a private-label card (which I suspect means different (and less favorable) terms for me, the cardholder). No, thanks! I have no interest in mailing in card payments!

Tonight's account rep was friendly, helpful, honest and apologetic. What a combination. I almost asked if she were single!

OK, Citi, you've got 60 days. I don't really need or want this card but, if you get online account management set up and working within 60 days, I'll give your card a shot. Otherwise, where are the scissors?

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