Friday, April 15, 2016

Stupid liberal Connecticut judge

Connecticut Supreme Court judge Barbara Bellis is allowing a dumb lawsuit by Sandy Hook victims' parents against Remington Arms, parent company of Bushmaster Firearms, manufacturer of a rifle used by the nutcase who shot up a school there.

Somebody that can make it through college and law school and the courts to become a state supreme court judge sure ought to be a lot smarter than that. She should have thrown the case out with prejudice, and I don't even have to read the case to believe that.

Sounds like Bellis and Hillary Clinton are on the same page. Scary as hell for the United States. I can tell you that!!!

So, if some drunk in a Chevrolet runs over me, will my Estate sue General Motors?

Or if I drink too much Pepsi, will my Estate sue the bottler and the patent owner?

The punk in Connecticut never should have had access to firearms. His stupid mother never should have allowed him to handle firearms. It's too bad he killed her first, so he could get at the guns. She should have kept them locked up and not permitted the nutcase to know how to get at them.

But it's not the gun's fault, and it's not the manufacturer's responsibility.

And that dumb, old woman who is running for President? God help this country if the fools elect her.


Big Daddy said...

I'm told by my lawyer friends that this ruling is not a biggie Gus, that it simply means that it just gives the judge continued jurisdiction on the case. It really has no bearing on the validity of the suit itself.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, thanks. Agreed that it could be "much ado about nothing", except it means continued needless expense to the defendant.

I watched part (I could only handle "part") of the Bernie vs. Hillary Show the other night and could hardly believe Hillary's claim that Vermont guns/laws were the cause of New York's gun crimes. Bern should have shut her down with the reminder that he is a U.S. Senator, not a Vermont Senator. He could have tried to pin her into a corner and trap her with questions. Instead, they acted like two four-year-olds.

I guess the real fireworks will start at the end of July, once the nominees are chosen.