Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Woodstock PD Chief coming

Woodstock Police Chief Robert Lowen will host his last Coffee with the Chief in May. If you'd like to attend and thank him, go to the police station on May 9th at 7:00PM.

And now is the time to get in contact with the City Council representative and participate in the selection of your new chief of police.

Or you can stick your head in the sand and gripe later.

Find out who is on the selection and interview committee that will work with the City Manager to come up with the final slate of candidates. Find out if there will be public interviews where you can ask questions, such as what is the candidate's position on the Second Amendment and on illegal immigration.

Find out what the track record is of the candidate. Where was the candidate previously employed and what was his reputation at his prior department? How old is he? How long is he likely to hang around Woodstock?

While you are at it, you might find out about the positions of City Council members on 2A and illegal immigration. Don't let Woodstock become another sanctuary city in Illinois. If you don't know what that is, Google it.

Are any local police officers or former law-enforcement officers being considered? Don't sit back on this, folks.

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