Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Harriet Tubman for $20 bill - Who???

This garbage coming out of Washington is going to kill this country. Harriet Tubman? Who? Who cares???

Leave the $20 bill just like it is. It's just a piece of paper representing money. To waste big bucks changing it to appease certain genders and certain races is absolute nonsense. The seventh POTUS is lot more important than Tubman!

I, for one, will refuse any merchant or bank tries to give me one of the new bills, which are due to enter circulation in 2020. And I'll be checking the backs of the other bills, too.

It's probably too late to put a stop to this. So, a tiny thank you to Obama and his lackey, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, for a job poorly done.

Please pass the barf bag.

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Big Daddy said...

Did you expect anything better from this buffoon of a President?