Monday, April 11, 2016

Branson thriller just published

I'll bet you haven't read this new thriller yet. (It was just published on March 20The Branson Butcher.) Late last month former McHenry County resident Pete Molloy published his first book,

Go to (just click on the book title above) and check out the eye-catching cover.

The setting is the tourist town of Branson, Missouri, which is about 570 miles southwest of Woodstock, Ill. and getting close to the southwest corner of the state. You'll quickly feel like you are riding along the streets of Branson and hearing the conversations between the car's occupants.

According to the Amazon write-up, this is Pete's first book, although he is the author of several plays. This is a first-class thriller and will keep you turning the pages from the first page to the last.

Grab the book now, read it, and then post a review on Amazon. You may find yourself reading it more than once to keep all the players straight.

Congratulations to Pete for an excellent first book!