Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cruz: Get bulletproof shoes

Ted Cruz had better check his footwear. I wonder if he wears steel-toe shoes and bulletproof boots. He is going to need them, if he keeps shooting himself in the foot.

Dirty Harry, he isn't.

Cruz has done two things this past week to further the death of his own run for POTUS.

Hooking up with Kasich in a dumb "stop Trump" attempt and announcing a VP pick before he is the GOP's nominee (which he'll never be).

Oh, wait! A third shot at his big toe. Picking Carly. Can you imagine her just one heartbeat away from the big chair in the Oval Office?

As much as I didn't like The Donald when he first announced his candidacy, I am behind him now. He is the only candidate with the backbone to stand up to world leaders like Putin and that nut in North Korea.

Can't you just hear Kim Jong-un negotiating with Hillary or Bernie? He won't even think they are in the same room with him. But he won't miss The Donald.

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Big Daddy said...

I USED to be a Cruz supporter. Not now. Trump all the way. And I think we have yet to see the real Carly. I think when we do, most will not like what they see.