Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prim destroys own credibility

It didn't take Bill Prim long to destroy his credibility as McHenry County Sheriff.

Prim took office on December 1, 2014, and on January 20 the Northwest Herald published an article that Prim had "given a supervisory position to a man whose criminal background became a target during Prim's bid for sheriff."

During the 2014 campaign for sheriff, it came out that Matt McNamara had been arrested in Jerome, Arizona for DUI. At the time he lied to the police officer, saying he was a Chicago PD officer. He wasn't.

And he was arrested and convicted in Iowa for an 2001assault during a bar fight.

The disdain and utter contempt for the public is displayed in the statements by David Devane, newly employed at the sheriff's department as one of Prim's so-called leaders. Said he to the Northwest Herald, "This whole issue of his (McNamara's) background was very thoroughly - almost nauseatingly - aired throughout the campaign." 

"Almost nauseatingly"? And this is a guy that Prim "allowed" to speak for him? Why didn't Prim stand up for himself???

What kind of dumb statement is that? It was properly raised!

And didn't McNamara work for the same department as Prim back in the 1990s? What were the circumstances surrounding his departure from that department?

Some people were curious why I didn't support Prim. I didn't trust him; that's why.


Big Daddy said...

Matt is just one component of what will be an outstanding crime fighting entity. We all have made mistakes. Give Matt and the Sheriff a chance.

Curious1 said...

Have all the chances you want in the private sector. Having a sworn police official with such a criminal conviction record is embarrassing. You would be hard pressed to find another law enforcement agency in the entire US that has set the bar this low.

Big Daddy said...

I view the hiring of Matt as an improvement over what used to be there. Sheriff Prim is/was an outstanding law enforcement professional and will bring much needed professionalism to the MHCSO. The hiring of Matt McNamara is one step in that direction.