Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let military carry firearms off-post

Does the Israeli army have the right idea?

When I first saw this picture, the women were identified, generally, as Israeli soldiers. If anyone has more accuracy about the country, please comment.

You equip and train your soldiers to understand firearms handling and safety, and then you let them (or direct them) to carry their rifles with them.

Where would this work in the U.S.? Anywhere that people care about other people, law & order, protection against criminals and jihadists, foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists. Think street crime would drop? Would robberies and assaults on the CTA and the 'L' drop?

There was at one time talk (what good is "talk"?) about posting the Illinois State Police in the war zones in Chicago. You'd need 50 troopers, not 2-3. Give them a neighborhood to reclaim. Start with one block. Get acquainted with every household. Provide safety and assurances, plus a network to keep the neighborhood safe after the troopers leave.

When the gangbanger or drug dealer refuses to come to the door, just write down the address and file it away for "special attention". Can you hear the screams already from Rahm Emanuel, Dan Kotowski, Kwame Raoul and Elaine Nekritz?

In South Carolina there is a movement underway to allow, perhaps even require, firearms training in the schools. Imagine that!


Big Daddy said...

I once asked a retired General who I had met this very same question. Why doesn't the military allow soldiers to carry weapons particularly on base. He said that while it is fine for a 19 year old to carry a gun on the battlefield, they don't want that same 19 year old carrying a weapon here due to maturity issues. Just tellin you what he said Gus.

Big Daddy said...

Gus, what makes you think that the ISP would make a difference in Chicago? Are they better trained, better weapons, better policeman?