Thursday, January 22, 2015

FEN shuts off McNamara comments

First Electric Newspaper shut off comments, just after noon today, to its article about the hiring of Matt McNamara by Sheriff Prim.

I posted a comment yesterday, and Pete Gonigam removed it. It wasn't a harshly written comment, but it was pointed.

Today there are comments similar to mine; i.e., about the "vetting" of claims related to Matt, whether he provided security services for a government "official" and other questions. Pete has allowed those comments but, for some strange reason, he deleted mine. Perhaps because I posted by my name, rather than as Anonymous.

I posted this comment today at 10:45AM, and he removed it, too.

"Anonymous wrote at 9:27AM, 'Since Mr. McNamara was vetted before he was hired as security for federal and state officials, it certainly should be good enough for McHenry County.'

"No, I don't think so. Was McNamara was ever hired as security for a federal or state OFFICIAL? Or was he only hired by a candidate for office? Understand the difference?"

John Lovaas had some comments, which you might want to read on the FEN site. 


Curious1 said...

Not surprised he shut the ability to comment or question on this issue down. It is becoming very apparent he is leaning towards blindly accepting whatever the current County big money political clique feeds him. I keep hoping we are wrong on that bit, but he seems to becoming consistently more of their token spokesperson. It's a shame I have always been a huge fan of his site, but he doesn't seem to want to question the current clique in charge on anything.

Curious1 said...

As for the "vetting". I think that is the part that scares me the most. Their is a constant stream of implications that an agency like the Secret Service gave him some type of "green Light" certification and/or clearance. Yet beyond implying it they won't say specifically what agency or what clearance. Yet Devane seemed to refer to some yet to be known agencies "green light" certification as his justification for ignoring the documented criminal conduct. Something stinks bad about the whole thing. I fear the only vetting he got before he jumped ahead of qualified long term Deputies and supervisors is his work in the campaign. Very ugly and potentially dangerous cronyism.

Jim Jones said...

It appears that the voters think they changed one set of problems for a completely new set of yet unknown growing problems. Other than not liking the past administration, since nothing legal was ever proven to have been done wrong by Zinke, he may now have been the better choice; just saying

Joseph Monack said...

People in McHenry County don't have very many sources for news, and the ones they do have are either bad, biased, or both.