Monday, January 26, 2015

Hiring the best qualified?

The following comment was submitted to another article. It is significant enough, to me, to be read by many, not just those who might find it at the other article.

"As for the "vetting". I think that is the part that scares me the most. Their is a constant stream of implications that an agency like the Secret Service gave him (McNamara) some type of "green Light" certification and/or clearance. Yet beyond implying it they won't say specifically what agency or what clearance. Yet (MCSD Jail and General Office/Administration Chief David) Devane seemed to refer to some yet to be known agencies "green light" certification as his justification for ignoring the documented criminal conduct. Something stinks bad about the whole thing. I fear the only vetting he got before he jumped ahead of qualified long term Deputies and supervisors is his work in the campaign. Very ugly and potentially dangerous cronyism."

I believe that Sheriff Prim owes it to the People of McHenry County to clarify why he hired a man with two serious convictions as his new Deputy Chief of Patrol, skipping over many who may be just as qualified and who do not drag the burden of two serious convictions.

The Northwest Herald is apparently blinking on this hire. FirstElectricNewspaper seems to be done with it and cut off further comments. McHenry County Blog has been silent. The Chicago Tribune has yet to weigh in.

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