Monday, January 12, 2015 headline: "White House admits mistake..."

The headline on right now is "Should've been there" and right below it is "White House admits mistake on Paris rally".

Writes CNN reporter Eric Bradner, "The Obama administration admitted today that it erred by failing to have a high-profile representative join Sunday's unity march in Paris attended by more than 40 world leaders."

Of course, a high-profile, U.S. representative should have been at Sunday's march.

When are THE PEOPLE in this country going to get loud about the incompetent ninny in the White House? He can send three (albeit, low-profile) bureaucrats and that idiot Eric Holder to Ferguson, Mo., after a strong-arm robber gets shot for taking a swing at a cop and then rushing him, but Obama can't think big enough to order somebody to show up in Paris.

Maybe Obama didn't want to personally incur the wrath of the Muslim world. You think? I hope somebody will remind him that he is supposed to act like an American who respects freedom and is ready to stare down terrorists. Instead, he comes across as a weak follower, ready to surrender the U.S.A. to sharia law.

Well, Obama, it ain't going to happen!


Gus said...

Obama should have just taken a commercial flight to Paris, marched with the others (no flak jacket or security) and taken a flight home. $5,-10,000 max.

Instead, he took Sunday off. What a jerk.

Big Daddy said...

I'm actually glad he didn't go. Why should he? What did the rally accomplish? They said they wanted go make a statement, to take back their country but all they did was walk around and party. They allowed one of the architects of the Munich Massacre to march in the first line with them. They wore the Arab scarf that Arabs like to wear. They asked the Prime Minister of Israel to not be there yet allowed Mahmoud Abbas to jarch.n They didn't march in any of the "No Go Zones". They didn't denounce islamic terror. So what exactly did they do?
This is one of the rare occasions that I support obama even though he did it fof all of the wrong reasons.

Gus said...

A reader sent this via email and asked that it be posted:

"At the end of the day, obama or someone high up should have gone for the photo op. In reality, that's all it was....a photo op. The world leaders didn't actually March anywhere, or mingle with the crowd. They sat in a building, and came out with their handlers for a staged photo. They were all safe, far away from danger and the crowds."