Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thanks for the corroboration

I would like to thank those who are corroborating my recent stories about the MCSD and the Jail, and I offer my thanks, too, for the new and additional information.

How much does a lieutenant on the jail roster earn annually? Is he docked for the hours he sleeps on duty? I doubt it. Why do the Deputy Chief and the Chief of Corrections tolerate it? Maybe they should be fired first, before the sleeper gets the can.

The drugs found recently in the jail were found on Friday evening, March 28. They were prescription drugs. So, when an inmate is provided with prescription drugs, why doesn't the nurse confirm that he actually swallowed them? If he just mumbles "Thanks" and runs back to his call to pass them out to someone else, hasn't he then missed the dosage that was prescribed?

Here we are back with arrows aimed at Jail Administration. No wonder they would like to hush it up. And why would the undersheriff not direct that information be passed along to all corrections officers and deputies. Hasn't he figured out, even by now, that the information will get out?

The rumors about document shredding are not just outside the Department; they are circulating inside the Department. Who has access to sensitive documents? Probably not the line deputies. Office personnel have access. Detectives have access. Command personnel have access.

The State Open Records Act applies, in part, to County Government and to the entire Sheriff's Department. If you are an employee who is shredding important documents that have not been certified for destruction, you are committing a crime. Be careful. Saying "My boss told me to do it" won't fly, if you are standing before a judge with mud on your face and fingercuts.

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