Thursday, April 3, 2014

MCSD Sgt. LD (as in, Light Duty)

What are the rules at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, when a deputy is placed on "light duty"?

Light-duty assignments might follow an injured-on-duty status, as the deputy's health improves and he can (and wants to) return to work, but can't get a medical clearance for return to full active duty.

Light-duty assignments might mean desk work.

But if a deputy, especially a supervisor, returns with a light-duty assignment, shouldn't he be in uniform? Even if he temporarily has administrative duties?

Or can he show up in casual clothing (it's not quite warm enough for beach clothes)? How presentable should he look, if he is authorized (in writing by a superior officer) to show up in civvies? Dress slacks? Long-sleeve dressed shirt, ironed? Shined dress shoes?

Are things already falling apart at the sheriff's office, with a lameduck sheriff and an undersheriff who lost the Republican primary election?

Rather than letting the Department fall apart, the undersheriff should run a tight ship until he turns over the keys on December 1 to a newly-elected sheriff.

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