Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goodbye, Woodstock; hello, South Carolina

The drive to Columbia, S.C. on Tuesday and Wednesday was great. Just imagine Life packed into about 20 Banker's boxes and jammed into a Toyota Highlander. Trimming and discarding junk that I have carried around for more than ten years was very freeing!

Yes, I've moved from Woodstock, from McHenry County, from Illinois...  When I've told people here about that stupid requirement in the concealed-carry application that an applicant must give up all his rights to confidentiality and privacy under ALL Federal and State laws, they say, "WHAT?"

What a joke! The legislators really put one over on the People of Illinois, and the NRA and the Illinois State Rifle Association rolled over and gave in, after huffing and puffing early in the Spring of 2013 about how they had the votes to block a "bad bill". They didn't. They lied. And they have done little to correct the error.

How easy is it to get a concealed-carry license in South Carolina? A first reading reveals that the applicant must have the intent to become a permanent resident. Apparently, you don't even have to be a resident. There are five training requirements: 1, 2, 3, 4 OR 5. One of them is a DD-214. So, for me, no training required (they think that being in the Air Force in 1959 is enough. Not too smart, but for me it works. And $50.

AND I don't have to give up all my rights to confidentiality and privacy. Thank you, South Carolina.

Good luck to all my friends in McHenry County. Somehow, I think you are going to need it.

There is a very important election coming up in November. Get involved! Don't sit on the sidelines. Your future, and that of your children and grandchildren, is at stake. Examine carefully what the candidates are saying. Meet them. Ask questions. Get answers. Straight answers. Then follow up and make sure you got the right answers and that you understand exactly where the candidate stands.

Thanks to each reader and to all who contributed comments, suggestions, information, tips. Best wishes.


Big Daddy said...

You do get around. Take care and thanks for the blog.

M.U.G. said...

I hope I never see you face in this town again or there will be trouble. No I'm not threatening you I'm just glad to see you are lucky to make it out if this dumpy town, county and state and hope you never have the urge to return. Happy trails to you.

Gus said...

M.U.G., thanks for the chuckle. Happy trails to you, too.

richard duckworth said...

Good luck, Gus.
I hear that Andy got the old "good news, bad news" yesterday.'
The good news is that Gus is leaving the State and the bad news is that the recount didn't work and he's still not gonna be Sheriff.
You fought the hard fight and brought stories they tried to hide. All the best to you!

Gus said...

Many thanks, Richard.

The good news is that I left Illinois because I wanted to, not because anyone ran me out.

The bad news is highways still run in both directions.

MChristineBroderick said...

Wow - I don't come around for a bit and THIS is what happens?!?!

Well Gus, next time you're in Cincy, give me a shout.

Sad, to me, is the fact that Beth Bentley's only vocal advocate that I know of is moving on. Good for you Gus, I wouldn't want to live somewhere that a case like that can get so swept under the rug and few, if any, care to do anything about it. You are better off!

God bless you! Thank you for caring about Beth's case so much!


bill Matteson said...

Gus you will be always had the ability to asked the proper questions....which raised thought,conciseness and concern...
Keep the faith brother

Gus said...

ChrisB, I'll be in Cincy in a couple of weeks. How about sending me a private message on Facebook, so we can connect. Thanks!

Gus said...

Bill, many thanks. I hope I made a positive difference in Woodstock and McHenry County. I tried.

Nick C said...

Can't believe what I've just read.

In the short time we've known each other I have developed a profound respect for you, both as an activist and an advocate for transparency in government, especially the legal system. Although we don't see eye to eye on all issues, we sure connected as riders. I will visit you one day, hopefully as a County Board member on vacation, but surely as the friend I have come to consider myself. Debbie and I wish you well in your new digs. McHenry County has lost a good friend.