Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sleeping on the job

When is it okay to sleep on the job, if you are an employee of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Is there a particular reason that the command staff, starting with Nygren and Zinke, don't discipline a deputy or corrections officer (supervisor) who sleeps on the midnight shift?

Hey, I know it's tough to stay awake all night. I've tried it. Staying on my feet helped. Sitting in a car, with the heat on full-blast (with the vehicle in Park), is not conducive to staying awake. Sitting in a chair at 2200 N. Seminary Ave. and nodding off? Take a lesson from the operator of that "L" that left the tracks when the operator dozed off.

When your subordinates know you are catching a few zzz's, do they dare say anything? Maybe they could just drop a stack of books and say, "Oops, sorry, Lieutenant".

Any chance that Nygren might drop in on the midnight shift and make the rounds of "his" department? Not likely... But where is the Undersheriff or the Deputy Chief of Corrections (or even the Chief) or a Captain?

Is it true that the maximum disciplinary duration for jail personnel is now ten days? If you get that for leaving a door open between the men's and the women's jail sections, what penalty will be dished out when they figure out how the drugs got into the jail?

Is sleeping on the job considered as bad as falsifying timesheets? In my opinion, if it's a supervisor, it's worse.

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