Saturday, April 19, 2014

Seipler's ethics complaint against Zinke

If you want to get really sick of McHenry County, read Cal Skinner's good article about the Ethics Commission hearing into Zane Seipler's ethics complaint against Andy Zinke.

Two of the five Commissioners, Cherie Rickert and John White, didn't even show up.

Chairman Thomas Spencer "struggled" with whether it was right for Zinke to have his campaign literature on display in his official government-supported office.

What in the world is wrong with Spencer? Can't understand the job of chairman of the ethics commission? Can't even understand ethics?

Somebody asked a lawyer once time if he had trouble making decisions. He answered, "Yes and no." Is that Spencer's problem?

The County Board should remove Rickert, White and Spencer.

Cal tried to take a picture of Zinke at the hearing. At least, Zinke had his middle finger under control (sort of) for this picture. Does he think he is too important to be photographed?

Photo credit: McHenry County Blog

Here's Cal's take on Spencer's inability to conclude that campaign literature on display in a candidate's government office : "What a stunning disconnect from reality!"

Cal did get a picture of Nygren in McHenry County on April 17. He was at Zinke's ethics hearing. Did Nygren charge the County for that time or did he take a personal day for that?

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