Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ouch, that hurts...

Last Sunday a reader contacted me about a damaged Woodstock Police squad car, and I dropped by today to photograph it. Since it must have happened on or before Sunday, you'd think there would have been some mention in the paper about it by now. This is Wednesday.

Was it a single-vehicle crash? There didn't seem to be any obvious paint smears of another color on the car.

The car belongs on Beat 23, which is the southwest quadrant of Woodstock.

Most other crashes in the City get publicized, so why doesn't a crash involving a City vehicle? Hopefully, the Police Department will soon announce what happened, who was involved, and what ticket(s) were issued.


Cowardly Lyons said...

Gus, this appears to be a clear case of; 'Holy Sh%$, the coffee is to darn hot, spilled on the officers lap, and officer ran into the closest concrete light post base!!

We call this a 'Testicular' incident with a "Bench" ruling stating that if the officer uses a 'cup holder' carrier for the next twelve months, then
this 'Testicular' incident will be 'Patted Down' and expunched!

Case closed!

PS. Send the bill for damages to the police cruiser to "Wendy" for burning the officers 'Gum Balls!'

"Wendy's" promises to provide all officers who utilize their drive thru window, a complimentary 'Frozen Malt,' just in case!!

Gus said...

No mention of this crash has been made yet on the P.D. website.

If they'd just report the details, probably not much attention would be given to it. Unless, of course, no driver was cited.

The most recent press release (August 30) on the P.D. website is about the First Place award given to Woodstock P.D. for the 2010-2011 Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge.

Sgt. Dennis Leard and the officers' focus and enthusiasm make for a viable traffic safety program, according to the release, which can be read in its entirety on the PD website.