Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yellow ribbons on ISP squad cars

This morning's Northwest Herald carries an article about a decision at the Illinois State Police to direct troopers to fly orange ribbons from their patrol car antennas "to honor the memory" of the IDOT worker who died in a fatal accident recently in Woodstock.

Police have never released details about how the fatality occurred. Did the worker happen to carelessly or suddenly step into a lane of moving traffic? Did he step out from behind a stopped vehicle without looking?

Woodstock Police say it was not a work zone at that location on U.S. 14.
IDOT says it was a work zone fatality.

To be a work zone, there are to be signs, maybe barricades, maybe a flagger.

Tax-supported government vehicles (ISP squad cars) should not be used to recognize or honor any individual. It doesn't happen when a trooper dies in a shoot-out or high-speed chase.

This is a poor decision by the Illinois State Police. If you wish to express your opinion, call Director Hiram Grau at 217.782.7263

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