Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zinke to run for sheriff

This email arrived at 11:19AM.

"You got it"!

"Just an hour ago, this committee was registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections  (www.elections.il.gov).  Click on the link below for a PDF of the filing."

Sent by a "friend of the blog".

The Statement of Organization was filed at 10:16AM a political registration was filed by the Citizens to Elect Zinke, with the purpose of the registration listed as "to support the candidacy of Andrew Zinke for the office of McHenry County.". The office for the registration is listed as at 850 South Illinois Route 31, in Crystal Lake.

But wait! Doesn't McHenry County already have a Sheriff? A sheriff who ran for re-election in the November 2010 election. That term of office is a four year term, ending on December 1, 2012. (Zinke's campaign email address is andrewzinke2014@gmail.com, which might cause some to think that he's just jumping into the 2014 campaign way early; only time will tell.)

Doesn't Sheriff Nygren intend to complete the term of office for which he was elected? Is there some reason that he would bail out early and not complete his term? Did he run for re-election in good faith?

Didn't the question come up during the campaign about whether he would serve the term of office, if he were re-elected? Didn't any of the 50,000+ voters in McHenry County who voted for Nygren care whether he would complete the term?

If Undersheriff Andy Zinke is filing now, will he run for office on a mid-term ballot in November 2012?

When will Keith Nygren announce his resignation?

Where is 850 Ill. Rte. 31, Crystal Lake? Google Maps places it right near Fantasy Festival. Is this a Halloween joke?

The Treasurer of the campaign is Kathleen Narusis, who gives her address on the campaign registration as Home State Bank, 40 Grant St., Crystal Lake, Ill. Ah, the ties to Home State Bank stay intact. That's the bank that loaned Nygren more money than the purchase price of his Cape Coral home in 2006; way more than the purchase price, and now possibly twice what the property is worth. Wouldn't it be appropriate for the Treasurer to list her own address and separate the campaign from the Bank???


Me said...

All Right!!!!! Get ready for a Zinke v. Seipler no holds barred run for the throne. I wonder what dirt Seipler has on Nygren's little A** Kisser?

Desk Duty said...

So Nygren is bugging out? Finally. If Andy is smart he'll make peace with Zane before it comes to another mud slinging campaign. I would suggest he make peace with Scott too. If Scott and Zane decide to team up against Andy, he has no chance. Gotta love McHenry County politics. Straight up good vs. evil.