Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Woodstock City Calendar - blank

Take a look this week at the City Calendar (called the Community Calendar). You'll find it on the City's homepage at www.woodstockil.gov

Take a good look at it. It's blank, except for next Saturday's Farmer's Market. Did any government meetings take place in April? Of course! There were many. But you wouldn't know it from the Calendar.

Earlier this month I contacted the City Manager's office and asked if meetings that were on the schedule (City Council, Historic Preservation Commission, Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, Plan Commission, etc.) could remain on the calendar as a public record.

The answer? The computer is programmed to delete them after the meeting date passed.

Well, guess what? Just uncheck the box that instructs the computer program to delete past meetings. A computer upgrade shouldn't be necessary, nor should a programmer be needed for five hours of study and efforts to remove the little "x" from the box.

Compare the Woodstock calendar with the County Board Calender at co.mchenry.il.us Take a look; why does the County not make all its past meetings "disappear"?

If you think Woodstock should retain past meetings on the Calendar, email citymanager@woodstockil.gov and also your City Council representatives.

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