Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off to (MDA) Jail at 4:00PM

Today is the day I'll be locked up at 4:00PM in the MDA Jail in McHenry. Yep! It's true. And they'll throw away the key until I raise $800 or 5:00PM, whichever comes first.

Rumor has it that they'll give me a phone and let me use my own Address Book. I was going to offer to be jailed at 2:00AM. I figured that, if I made calls at that time, you would be home and the line wouldn't be busy!

There might be a few who would tell them to throw away the key, but I invite the rest to pitch in and bail me out. You know, of course, it's not for me; it's for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This is their annual "Jail" fundraiser.

So, right now, before you click over to something else, click below and make your donation (no matter how large) right here, right online. It's easy, fast and, most importantly, secure.

And, when you don't pay your taxes tomorrow, you can call me and I'll check in on your bail to get you out of Leavenworth!

Click .... now .... (please). www.joinmda.org/mchenry2009/gusphilpot/

Many, many thanks in advance to all.

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