Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reckless school bus driver

This morning I was driving in Algonquin and saw a school bus driver who rivaled the woman who had a busload of unruly kids and decided to teach them a lesson by jamming on the brakes.

The driver of the bus this morning put the health and safety of his passengers at similar risk when he tailgated me at 30MPH and at 40MPH on eastbound IL 62 from IL 31. The speed limit across the Fox River is 30MPH. A couple of blocks up the hill the speed limit changes to 40MPH.

The driver of Bus No. 142 (Algonquin School District 300) was so close to the back of my car that I could count the rivets in the front fender (but I didn't). How about inches behind me at 30MPH and again at 40MPH? I guess he thought he could make me speed up and exceed the posted speed limit, but he'll get a chance to think that over.

His supervisor had my report of his reckless driving by the time he got the kids to school, and I expect to hear tomorrow about the little conference they had with the driver today. Actually, they ought to fire him. If I could have found an Algonquin police officer, I would have him ticketed and replaced, even if it would have made the kids late to school.

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ace said...

So he was so close you could count the rivets in the front fender? Please clarify how you were able to see the side of the bus if he was directly behind you. And I hope you were not counting rivets looking in the rear view mirror while driving. At that point you become the hazard on the road. Pay more attention of whats in front of you before you hurt someone.