Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"If you build it, ...

..., they will come."

Remember that well-known line from the movie, Field of Dreams?

Each time I drive on U.S. 14 toward Crystal Lake, I wonder when ground preparation and building will begin for the baseball stadium that was rushed through the City Council last fall. The developer just had to have a rush approval. And the City Council bought his urgency.

There has been good weather this spring - lots of time to get started.

This photo looks east from the parking lot of Catalent. Can't see anything but weeds.

On the east end of the project, off Lily Pond Road, some grading work has begun. Of course, that's where the money (errr, gravel) is. Understandably, gravel for concrete for construction requires some plans for houses and subdivisions to be built, an unlikely prospect for the near future.

Have all of the 50 conditions imposed by the City Council for this project been met? All of them?

Perhaps the City Council will summon the developer to a public City Council meeting for an explanation. Oh, wait. The Council made its decision and now has left everything up to City management. Now, that's call delegation.

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