Monday, November 30, 2015

Wrongful Convictions Seminar

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What is your interest in wrongful convictions? What should the imprisoned person receive as relief? Should he have to fight for it?

Right in McHenry County there are a handful. Two of the most well-known at those of Mario Casciaro and of Gary Gauger. What about those wrongful convictions that did not result in prison time? Let's say that a man gets charged with a felony while protecting his life from a vicious dog that was loose and came into the man's own yard and attacked.

While he never should have been charged in the first place, who would think that a jury would convict? But when the song-and-dance of the McHenry County State's Attorney's Office is a better jig than a worthless (but not free) defense, then you get convicted. I attended that trial, and I was appalled at the defense. It was like they went on the court expecting the game to be badminton, and I don't think they ever realized that the game was rugby.

I just received this announcement today. The event is this Friday, December 4. If you are interested, call and make your reservation.

The organization of the seminar is a little confusing (to me). It is presented by the Office of the Kane County Public Defender, but at the bottom there is a statement that the seminar is sponsored by what appear to be two law firms. I guess they are paying for the space rental, refreshments, advertising and crossing their fingers to drum up some new business.

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