Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cowards in Columbia, Missouri?

What in the world could be wrong with the people running the University of Missouri?

Has Melissa Click been fired yet? Arrested? Why not???

Read this article on the  The author got it right on November 19th.

The longer the people at the top of the food chain malinger, the greater the chance that they won't do anything at all.

OK, so that's Missouri. What are you going to do when the students at MCC or ECC or the U of I at Chicago decide that they run things, not the people in charge? If there is a sit-in at MCC, the college president should ask students to leave. Ask one time. No arguments. No discussions. No bargaining. No mediation. Then call the police and have them arrested for trespassing. And prosecute them. No wimping out. No backing down.

Administrators should have three words, and only three words, for students: "Go to class."

When they've grown up, then they can make some noise. And they can pay the price for doing so recklessly and illegally.


Big Daddy said...

It's apparent that most college administrators are cowards and will not discipline them and it's also apparent that most college administrators agree with them and are on their side.

Gus said...

Sure makes for a scary picture of the future, doesn't it?

Big Daddy said...

Yes it is Gus. I fear what is store for my grandsons who are only 3&4 years old. What the future holds for them makes me want to start looking for a place to move to outside of the U.S. ESPECIALLY if hillary wins.

Gus said...

If Hillary wins, I'll beat you out of the U.S.A.