Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris - coming to a city near you soon

I am appalled by the terrorist attacks in Paris. Six coordinated attacks. Many dead.

What will go a a long way to preventing this in Illinois and throughout the U.S.? Armed citizens who are ready to step in and do everything they can to neutralize the threat!

Join the NRA and the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) today. And don't just give them your money. Demand that they step up their efforts. The NRA and ISRA allowed the Illinois State legislature to pass a bad concealed carry law in 2013. High fees. Lots of restrictions on where you can carry. The Chicago Democrats refused to give up much and left Illinois residents, for the most part, defenseless.

Do your part by contacting your own State Senator and State Representative on this issue. Tell them what you want them to do. Ask them what they will do. Then follow closely to see exactly what they do. Did you just get lip-service? Or did you get positive action?

The NRA lobbyist told 2013 IGOLD attendees in Springfield that "he" had to the votes to block a bad bill.  He didn't. Basically, he lied. Illinois was "under the gun" (no pun intended) by a Federal Court order to create a concealed carry law. Look at the result! No law would have been better than the law that was passed. "No law" would have meant open and concealed carry in Illinois.

How many people can afford to part with $600+ to arm themselves? $300-400 for a good firearm. $150 for the coffers of the State of Illinois. $55 for fingerprints. $100 for training. Add the cost of continuing training and ammunition.

Relentless pressure should be put on Illinois legislators to "persuade" them to lower the roadblocks that they created in front of law-abiding Illinois residents.

The NRA will continue to push for a national reciprocity law. Your driver's license is good in every state. Why shouldn't your concealed-carry license (or permit) be good in every state?

Illinois residents statewide must figure out how to "persuade" the Chicago bloc of Democrats to loosen their grip on concealed carry. It can be done on Election Day. But it won't be done by Chicago residents without outside help. Chicago State Representatives and State Senators should be identified (I refrain from using the word "target" here) and sorted into three tiers: 1. those friendly to concealed carry; 2. those whose minds and votes can be fairly easily influenced to switch; 3. those who steadfastly are against concealed carry.

Help voters in the districts of #2 and #3 to find qualified candidates and support those candidates. Dump Mike Madigan and his ilk. While they are at it, they should dump Rahm Emanuel and Toni Preckwinkle.

What if what happened in Paris yesterday had happened on the Magnificent Mile?

If you have your concealed-carry permit/license, carry every day. Carry everywhere you go. Get the right mindset. Know what you will do, if you find yourself in a shooting situation.


Big Daddy said...

I agree one thousand percent Gus. And let's get the law changed to allow carry on mass transit.

Gus said...

For that to happen, voters will have to dump Rahm Emanuel and elect a pro-self-defense mayor, who will then hire a police chief who believes that law-abiding citizens can be trusted with firearms.

The NRA and the ISRA have done a p-poor job of rallying members to promote needed changes in laws. Those organizations cannot get the job done with their lobbyists as quickly as change is needed.

It may be necessary to change those running ISRA. If so, that should happen sooner than later. I dropped my support of ISRA when I moved from Illinois. Good luck!

Big Daddy said...

I dropped my support for the ISRA when I saw them lie about my employer.