Monday, November 9, 2015

Bull Valley draws good reader comment today

My article last month on the Bull Valley P.O. drew a good comment today that should not be missed. You can read it here. Thanks to "Captain Sam".

What organization was it that published the stats on Bull Valley PD's ranking state-wide on traffic citations? Better Government Association? It seems to be that BVPD was very high in the rankings; either No. 1 or in the top 97%. Does anyone remember?

Are they still writing tickets for 2MPH over the posted speed limit? Do they still have their kangaroo court (oh, wait, I mean Administrative Adjudication Court)? Is the legal work and court prosecution still handled by Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle, of Crystal Lake?

How does one law firm get such a lock on municipal business from so many jurisdictions in McHenry County? No doubt that some specialization entitles them to careful consideration, but ...

I recall looking into the impound law in Woodstock and wondering why the "fine print" revealed that the only way you could get out of an impound ticket was to be found Not Guilty in a McHenry County Court legal action. Well, the only way to be found Not Guilty is to have a trial, either bench or jury. How long does that take and how much does it cost? And too many already know the futility of a jury trial in McHenry County.

If a judge decided that your ticket was worthless and threw it out, that wasn't good enough. That's not a "Not Guilty". You had to have had a trial!

Who wrote the law for Woodstock? Bingo! And why were the members of the City Council such suckers to fall for that advice from their legal counsel?

Is it the same way in Bull Valley? Bets, anyone?

Now you could boycott all the businesses in Bull Valley. You know, make your point. The only problem is there aren't any businesses in Bull Valley, except for the Bull Valley Country Club.

The other choice? Don't drive on Bull Valley roads. Go around. If everybody did that for three months and revenue plunged to Zero, they'd have to get rid of all the BVPD cops and the chief.

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