Monday, November 9, 2015

Mizzou Pres quits

I hadn't paid much attention to the uproar in Missouri until this past week-end.

After all, I had been embarrassed for the St. Louis area and the State over Ferguson. Then the football team at the University of Missouri decided to go on strike. And then the football coach's $4,000,000 salary made news.

I grew up in University City, six miles south of Ferguson. I haven't lived in St. Louis since 1961. I felt I had done a pretty good job of setting aside racial prejudices.

Until Obama.

And now the 8% at Mizzou who think they are so special that they can run the University.

The stupid Board of Curators (or Directors or Regents or whatever their group is called) made a huge, dumb decision to give in to the rabble. It makes me sick.

I've been very happy to say that I am from Illinois. But now I am shamed to say that I am from Missouri.

Is it too late to get a birth certificate changed? Maybe I can change my place of birth to Kenya.

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