Thursday, June 25, 2015

Height of stupidity

The Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) is about to be stripped from "the General".

Isn't the knee-jerk reaction in America totally stupid? How do we get it stopped? Some jerk kid in South Carolina wreaks mayhem and murder in a church because he doesn't like blacks, and now the whole country is going crazy.

I don't think I had ever noticed the CBF on top of the Charger, and I probably watched more than my share of Dukes of Hazzard episodes.

I am incensed that that jerk went into a church and killed nine people. I would be just as incensed, had they been white or yellow or brown. Let justice be swift and not wait through 15 years of appeals. It would be okay with me if the trial started Monday, ended Tuesday, and his execution was on Wednesday.

One of my co-workers today let me know, loudly and clearly, that she was not going to engage in any discussion about "the Confederate flag". She said it needed to come down 20 years ago. Well, I don't agree that it belongs only in a museum.

It certainly makes me curious what is being taught in all schools about the Civil War and just what students are being taught about the CBF.

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