Thursday, June 18, 2015

Churches - GFZs?

Should churches automatically be gun-free zones (GFZ)?

I awakened this morning to news of a shooting in Charleston, S.C. yesterday about 9:00PM. Claims are that a white shooter fired and killed nine in the historic Emanuel AME Church, including its minister, S.C. State Senator Clementa Pinckney.

Charleston's mayor rushed to call it a hate crime. My guess, which has to be as good as his, is that the shooter was mad at Sen. Pinckney over gun control, but I can't easily and quickly find Sen. Pinckney's position on gun control.

In South Carolina a concealed-carry permittee can carry inside a church, IF he has the express authority of the person in charge. Would Sen./Rev. Pinckney have granted permission?

Ask your minister this Sunday if you, as a concealed-carry license or permit holder, can carry in his church. Then get it in writing, if he says you can. And then do! Otherwise, you are just another sitting duck, as the nine were in Charleston last night.

Edited at 2:15PM

Looks might I might have been wrong about the reason that the shooter went to the Charleston church last night.

The following message has been sent to S.C. Gov. Haley:
"Dear Gov. Haley,
I moved to S.C. in April 2014. One of the first things I did was obtain my concealed-carry permit. In view of the Charleston church shooting, I ask that you take the initiative to remove churches as gun-free zones and allow permitted parishioners to carry concealed weapons in churches without having to get the consent of the person in charge.
My guess is that State Sen. Pinckney and his Board never would have allowed it. An armed person might have stopped Roof before he could shoot and kill nine people.
I shall appreciate hearing form you whether you will support lawful carrying of concealed firearms in churches.
Gus Philpott

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Big Daddy said...

When I go to church I always carry. Same thing with hospitals. Perfect place for a thug bent upon violence. Had an off duty copper or a ccw person been in that church the death toll would be substanially lower if any at all.