Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day just got spoiled

I was enjoying Father's Day, and then I checked my email.

What was there? A Father's Day message from Rep. Bobby Rush, a tired, old man still sucking on the government teat! Of all the stupid things. I had never added my email address to any list at this office, but I had written to his office one time more than a year ago. I think it was after he fell asleep about 2:00PM at a town hall meeting on Chicago's South Side on the concealed-carry issue.

Now I'll find out if if office honors the "unsubscribe" request. That voters would keep Bobby Rush in office sends the world a very clear message, doesn't it?

Actually, he's not that old. I thought he was in his 80s, but he was born in 1946!

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Big Daddy said...

Proof positive that dope is not good for you. Only dopes use it hence the name. Rush is a prime example.