Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Domestic terrorists heading for Charleston?

If busloads of terrorists were headed for your town, what would you do? Sit tight at home, but ready to defend your homestead and family if your property is breached?

Or would you go into town to protect public and private property that the terrorists are prepared to destroy?

Perhaps fueled by the Baltimore mayor's statement (Let them destroy), there is rumor that busloads of agitators are bound from the deep South for Charleston for a Saturday night melee. True? Just a rumor?

Should civilians arm themselves and patrol the downtown streets of Charleston, helping police where needed and filling in when police are busy elsewhere?

Will Emanuel AME Church be a target?

What would you do?


Big Daddy said...

Who are these "terrorists"? I need more info before I make my decision.

Gus said...

Busloads of black agitators from Alabama.