Saturday, December 8, 2012

MCSD Police Academy? What's this?

What is the McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren Citizens Police Academy?

On December 5 there was apparently a graduation ceremony. Who are these people? How were they selected? What did they have to do to get into this picture?

What are their duties? Responsibilities?

What kind of Department ID will they have? Equipment? Radio? Uniform?

What are the rules about graduates claiming any association with the Sheriff's Department? Will anybody be flashing an ID card (or a badge) and trying to get out of a ticket?

Do you know any of these people? If so, please identify them by position in the photograph and name. This is obviously some type of official photograph that was taken somewhere in the Sheriff's Department headquarters. Or is it? Isn't that a seven-point badge on the wall?


Joey R. said...

That's Maggie Rivera with the black scarf, front and center.

She was probably placed there for the boys and girls down in Zacatecas to see. Reassure everyone that all is still well and goode at the old policia departmento en el Norte.

It's wonderful that a woman who was at one time indicted on felony fraud is allowed such access to the Sheriff's Department.

We all remember her husband, Jose. The man Deputy Milliman said was part of Nygren's criminal enterprise.

Gus said...

Fourth man from the right is Tom Burroughs, Maintenance Supervisor at the courthouse, so I'm told.


How long was the training program for the "Academy"?

Was alcohol consumed or paid for by taxpayer dollars at meetings at the Red Mill? Who paid the Academy expenses?

Jim Jones said...

Since you obviously only care to complain about the sheriff's department and Woodstock PD, you apparently have never heard about the Citizen's Police Academy. McHenry City Police have had an academy, one session of which I attended, for YEARS. The people who attend basically get a small education about the law, how a police department works, which divisions do what, MAY get to do a ride along with an officer for a shift (unpaid, unarmed, etc.; much like a professional golf caddy I once knew-"show up and shut up"). My officer went on a domestic call and more than once told me on the way to the call to STAY in the squad car until TOLD to exit. All we got was a diploma that said we attended. I think you're seeing "Black Helicopters" again

Jim Jones said...

By the way, I ASKED to attend, via another officer I had met.

Gus said...

Jim, I am familiar with the citizens' academy of the McHenry (City) Police Dept. This article is about the County Sheriff's Department venture.

I believe Lake in the Hills has one, and I read recently that one is being started in another McHenry County community.

In the not too distant past one good friend of Sheriff Nygren was reportedly sporting business cards with a Department-related title on it. Rumor was that he carried other department gear, too.

Jim Jones said...

Again you've missed my point. I can read; I know this was the Sheriff's Department Police Academy. What, was this the first class, last class, or one in the middle? So what if it was the first? You're jumping to conclusions that these people will be/could be armed, have department radios and carry a badge. If you are aware of the other department's academy, why would you ASSUME that this one is different? Someone telling you that, or what

Gus said...

Just asking questions, Jim. It's interesting how much I can learn by asking questions.

Now I know that in the USUAL citizens' police academies, those who attend and stick it out get a certificate (probably not a diploma) of completion, which is good for absolutely nothing but going in a file folder or in a frame on a wall. No powers of any type are conferred. I say, Usually.

Maybe all those nice smiling folks will just feel good about having attended a program and now be more informed about what deputies do.

Jim Jones said...

I'll agree with you last sentance.To assume otherwise makes little or no sense.

John Lovaas said...

Mr. Jones/anonymous coward- just to play devil's advocate for a moment- could you direct me to a single- one- archived online announcement, anywhere on the Internet, that resembles an invitation to the McHenry County Sheriff's Citizens Police Academy, or a news article or blog mention, outside of this discussion thread?

Name your wager- I'll be holding on to my money. The event you attended? All sorts of archived articles press releases and articles. One would think the Sheriff's Department would reach out to the public to invite them via the media- just like every other police department in this county. Hell, the Kane County Sheriff puts announcements in the NW Herald.

But no- nothing. Utter silence. Of course, to play devil's advocate, why would the MCSD want random McHenry County residents showing up? They might ask questions.

Jim Jones said...

Afraid I can't do what you ask-I didn't even know any other department posted anything on the internet that they had had a class. My response to your post is, "So What?" Was this the county's first class and maybe they haven't posted yet? What difference does it make, except in YOUR black-ops thinking? This is totally a Non-Issue.

Gus said...

In addition to McHenry (City), I think Lake in the Hills and Huntley may have citizens' police academies. Was there news recently about consideration at the Woodstock P.D.?

Anyone know of other local police academies?

John Lovaas said...

Mr. Jones/anonymous coward- I don't see any black helicopters here. The visible spectrum here ranges from basic incompetence (how hard is it to post announcements on the MCSD press release page or in the Herald? LITH has been inviting the public via the media for decades) to advanced bootlicking (if the public is unaware of an event, who is going to learn about it except friends, toadies, and badgesniffers). That's all.

Jim Jones said...

John, guess you won't be signing up or asking to join the next class you you can ask your questions? Dumbass maybe better than Loveaas.Guess we also know who you won't be voting for next election. Good for you

John Lovaas said...

Nice one, Mr. Jones/anonymous coward.


Haven't heard that since the 5th grade. The kids who used that one grew up to be pedophiles and long-dead drug addicts.

You are in good company.

Of course, it would be difficult to sign up for something that no one publicizes- or knows anything about.

Curious1 said...

John, when you start your post by calling the other person names it comes off a bit childish and hypocritical that you then end up with such thin skin getting a little bit of it back.