Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gangs in Woodstock?

Are there gangs in Woodstock? How many? Which ones?

How about in the Woodstock District 200 school system? Is there evidence of gang activity in the high schools? Middle schools? Elementary schools?

Have teachers and staff received in-depth training to identify gang and gang-type activity, such as clothing, colors, signs, hair styles, who is hanging out with whom?

A reader recently inquired whether I had heard anything about the Outlaws Motorcycle Club becoming active in Woodstock. I haven't.

There is a description of the Outlaws Club on

Anyone with information about any illegal gang activity or presence should provide the information without delay to Chief of Police Robert Lowen at the Woodstock Police Department. Call 815.338.2131 or e-mail Chief Lowen at


Know better said...

Try and stay up to day will ya. This is getting embarrassing.

Gus said...

The most helpful information in Woodstock comes, not from the Police Department or the City, but from Redeemer Lutheran Church.


Thank you, RLC!!!

Gus said...

Remember when there was an anti-gang task force in McHenry County. Think now ... way back.

And then it was gone. And, when I called the Sheriff's Department about it, they acted like it had never existed.

SillyGus said...

You have hordes of illegal immigrants which equals gangs.
Plain and simple. Along with crime, and an abundance of single mothers. Gangs are a lifestyle for illegals. Forgive my lack of political correctness. The county won't acknowledge it just like it won't acknowledge a drug problem.

Gus said...

Thanks for your comment. The County and the country should seriously address the presence of illegals. Neither does.

Personally, when I think of gangs, I think of criminal activity beyond merely being in the USA illegally. But I don't minimize the illegality of that.

Newton 112 said...

Woodstock is disgusting now and is 45% Hispanic.....You should see Pingree Grove,IL. It's now 60% Hispanic there and 30% of Pingree does not know English. I can't grill on my patio without hearing loud Spanish music blasting. Throughout Pingree Grove you see cars with Mexico license plates, and all you see in Mexico flags there. Me and my family had to move cause it's out of control. The town is way out in the country surrounded by farms and it's getting destroyed fast.