Friday, December 16, 2011

Reason for Milliman lawsuit

A reporter recently wondered whether Scott Milliman's lawsuit against Sheriff Nygren and deputies is to pay for medical treatment.

No, of course not. Its purpose is to get money to buy the Northwest Herald. Scott is going to appoint Gus Philpott as Managing Editor and fire everyone except the carriers. They won't have much to do, but they'll get paid, anyway, to drive around every morning and watch for burglars or, maybe, cops running stop signs. (Be sure to watch westbound Banford Road at Raffel Road just before shift-change at the Sheriff's Department.)

What will happen to the big building on Route 31 in Crystal Lake? Scott plans to turn it into a shelter for the homeless, so they won't have to live in tents in the winter or get turned out of PADS every day at 7:00AM into the bitter cold.

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The Madd Bulldog said...

Now that's a paper I'd subscribe to! TMB will offer his rustbucket to load up and deliver the new scandalsheet! DOH!