Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drunk driver can't keep auto on road

This morning's paper reports an off-the-road crash of an unlicensed drunk driver in McHenry, and further bad luck for a family whose daughter was the victim of a hit-and-run in McHenry only a few days ago.

Jesus Torres-Arellano, 34, crashed his vehicle into a van parked in a driveway early Christmas morning. Think he might have been out celebrating a little too much?

McHenry Police charged him with driving under the influence, summary suspension, driving without a license (or never issued a license), operating an uninsured vehicle, failure to reduce speed (to avoid an accident), and improper lane usage. (Hey, you can't suspend my license! I don't have a license!)

The license plate came off his car, according to the newspaper report, so the cops' investigation was pretty short and easy. Torres-Arellano has a court date on February 6.

Think anyone will check to see if he is in the USA legally? Let's see; looks like a Mexican surname, no driver's license; no insurance. Tch, tch, is this racial profiling?

Where was he before he took on the van in the driveway? Drinking in a bar? Partying in a private home? Didn't anyone notice he was drunk and try to take away his keys?

Well, at least he probably won't be on the road on New Year's Eve.

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