Wednesday, February 6, 2008

County Roads Closing

An announcement was just made at the Woodstock Library that the County is closing County highways. What in the world is going on around here???

If a vehicle is not equipped for inclement weather, it should not be on the roads. If the driver can't handle snow, he shouldn't be on the roads.

But for the County to close the highways? No. NO. Triple-NO!!!

Sure, the roads are slick. So what? It's winter in northern Illinois. This is not Palm Beach!

If you are irate about the decision to close County highways at 12:23PM, call the County Administrator Peter Austin. Oh, wait. You can't do that. County offices are closed today.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately the County roads will be patrolled by a pinhead in a red beetle with a speed (HAH!) wing. Remain calm, all is well.

of three things the devil makes a salad said...

Are the roads barricaded? If not then what the county has said is that conditions are such that they do not feel it is prudent to put County employees at risk in a vain attempt to let people who cannot control their cars put them in the ditch. Seems to make sense to me to protect County employees, County (taxpayer paid for) equipment, and warn drivers that they should be extra careful when out in poor conditions. I suppose that if, like yourself, I only thought of number one I would be upset. I am not. Get over yourself. Two seconds after writing this response I have deemed you of minor importance to anything that really matters. Maybe instead of posting all this junk at the same time you should do them one at a time. It might give you time to think things through better.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea Frank, Lets give tickets to all the bone heads who were driving around today without there headlights on, afer all it is the law. What's that Frank, that was you without lights on.... Maybe some cop should have given you a ticket again. Stop throwing stones from your glass house.

gasamakator said...
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colon blow said...
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