Friday, July 15, 2016

The idiot lowers the US Flag Again!

I am as sorry as anyone about the killings of innocent people celebrating Bastille Day in Paris, but I object to lowering the Flag of the United States of America in their memory.

I realize no one can knock any sense into Barack Obama's head. I don't think he has ever cared what people think of him and, as a lame-duck president, he won't care know.

Why should we let a terrorist's action result in the lowering of our national Flag?

I say, fly it HIGH at all times and let terrorists, foreign and domestic, know that Nothing will cause us to lower our flag.

Remember Barack and Hillary are right out of the same mold. Just one more reason to elect Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

And communicate to him that you want the U.S. Flag flown ALWAYS at the top of the flagpole.


Louis Meyer said...

Wow, you have lost it. Also, trump would be a
mess and run this country into Atlantic City. Also, do you receive a pension?

Big Daddy said...

I agree Gus. The flag should never be lowered for things like this. Fly it high and proud. And GO TRUMP!