Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz = Loser

U. S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is a loser. And a poor loser. I referred to him a while back as a little boy trying to act like a man. I should have written "child", not little boy.

Cruz must actually be a Democrat, since he is doing everything he can to hand the November election to Hillary Clinton.

The good people of Texas should kick him out of office at the next election cycle and hand him a shovel and then send him out to the manure pits.

To realize that this idiot is one of two Senators from Texas makes me sick. And when I think of the retirement benefits he'll get, even after just one term in the Senate, I get really sick.

Send that sad, pouting jerk packing back to Canada.


Big Daddy said...

I have to agree. And I USED to be a fan. Before I became a Trump fan.

Jill in StL said...

He certainly proved he was NOT stupid, however, when he debated Bernie Sanders this past week on CNN over Obamacare!!! He mopped up the floor with Bernie - too bad he did not come across like that during the campaign season!