Sunday, July 10, 2016

Obama declares Dallas killer "demented"

Now Barack Obama is an expert on mental health....

In a press conference on Saturday, Obama referred to the Dallas killer as being "demented". How does he know that?

I'm reminded of the female McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy who answered a call for service that involved a mother-daughter dispute. When the daughter tried to explain her position to the deputy, the deputy reportedly said, "You must be crazy to argue with me. I'm a deputy sheriff" or something like that.

And then the deputy transported the daughter for a mental-health evaluation. The daughter wasn't "crazy". I think the daughter sued the sheriff's department, but I never heard the result of the suit.

Was the Dallas killer crazy? Did he have a mental health problem? Or was he just mad? Angry? Fed up?

Does being mad, fed up, make a person "crazy"? This is what the anti-gunners will be saying. Watch Obama and Hillary as they come for your guns, folks.

Obama alluded to that in his Warsaw press conference yesterday. He is going to make Dallas killings a gun-control issue. The words are right there in his speech.

Obama said, "I am going to keep on talking about the fact that we cannot eliminate all racial tension overnight, but we can make it harder..." for people to carry out their anger with weapons. Fox News added the completion of the sentence.

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