Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fun & Games in Zinke Case

The Keystone Cops have nothing on law enforcement in McHenry County.

On July 1 Kim Zinke, Kane County deputy sheriff on paid leave since, possibly, as far back as April 2015, was scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Sharon Prather at the McHenry County Courthouse.

What happened? Judge Prather recused herself. Now comes the question, "Why didn't she do that on the day the case was assigned to her?" Then the case could have been assigned to another judge, and the Wheels of Justice could have continued turning.

Instead, the Defense motioned for a Continuance, and they got it. And apparently Attorney Hank Sugden (and presumably Defendant Kim Zinke) walked out of the courthouse without even a setting of the next court date.

Will every McHenry County judge recuse himself? Didn't the Office of State's Attorney anticipate that?

According to online Court records, the Arrest Warrant was served on June 27 (last Monday) and a 10% Bail was posted on the Bond.

Picture yourself getting arrested on three drug-possession felonies and ending up with a Bond of $10,000, which would allow you to walk away from the Jail by just putting up $1,000. Think that would happen???

How does a person get through the Jail intake system without an entry being made in the online Jail records of her having passed through?

Wouldn't the normal process be to take the arrested accused felon into the Jail, process her with fingerprinting and photograph, and at least temporarily jail her while Bond was being arranged? Can a person immediately bail out without going into the jail?

Do law enforcement personnel get some special privileges after arrest?

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