Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama is one dumb cluck, but a true Democrat

Election Day - a national holiday?

What kind of dumbass is Barack Obama? Has he lost all his (remaining) marbles?

Has any other president comes up with such stupid ideas in his lame-duck term?

This stupid nonsense coming out of Washington, D.C. is really starting to get to me.

How long does it take to vote? 5 minutes (or less) in the voting booth. Transportation time to and from. A wait, if there is a line. You can vote before work or after. Why should employers be saddled with a holiday, for which they no doubt would be expected to pay employees for an entire day.

Isn't there a law now that an employee gets up to a certain amount of time off work to vote? And, before you ask, employees shouldn't "milk" it. Come in an hour late or leave an hour early. That'll do it.

If you are going to have trouble voting, vote early or by absentee ballot ahead of time. I have written previously that I am wondering whether the USA will survive the Obama presidency.

Obama is pushing for higher minimum wage. McDonald's, Wendy's and other businesses are already figuring out how they are going to get along with fewer employees. Do you think maybe those unemployed minimum-wage employees will decide that voting Democratic isn't such a good idea, after all? No, they aren't smart enough for that.

Anyone who can do 4th Grade math can figure out that a fast-food business cannot afford $12/hour or $15/hour. There will be jobs lost. Will the losers be sitting on the curb and be happy for those fewer employees who still have jobs and are earning more? I doubt it.

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