Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Join WisconsinCarry...

Take a look at what WisconsinCarry is doing for its members. Visit www.wisconsincarry.org

WisconsinCarry is doing what a membership organization ought to do. It represents its members. Not only that, it defends its members.

Compare that (Wisconsin) statewide organization to the Illinois State Rifle Association (www.isra.org) and the NRA. The NRA with its 4,000,000 members does a good job on a national level and writes about what it does on a state level, but it's hard to know what it really does on a state level.

Perhaps I'm influenced by the Illinois lobbyist for the NRA. And maybe I should finally forget that he hawked his "Buck Flagojevich" bumper stickets at an NRA event in Lakemore years ago.

But I won't forget how the NRA and ISRA did not well represent me when the Illinois legislature passed a concealed carry law in 2013 that required me, if I applied for a concealed carry license, to forfeit my rights to privacy and confidentiality under all Federal and State laws. I moved out of Illinois in 2014!!!

Has the ISRA ever gone to court on behalf of a member who got in hot water with the law?

Go to WisconsinCarry's website and read about Mark Hoffman, In 2013 Mark was out for a stroll and open carrying, which is legal in Wisconsin. Team Barney Fife (no offense, Barney) in Village of Somerset, Wisc. was offended and arrested him for "being heavily armed" and for loitering. He was found not guilty of the weapons charge but was convicted of loitering.

WisconsinCarry funded an appeal of that conviction and lost in Circuit Court. But Mark appealed further, with WisconsinCarry's support (read, financial support), and won in the Appeals Court.

Look up the location of the Village of Somerset (Pop. 2300). It's a wide spot in the road northeast of Minneapolis.

I don't always agree with Nik Clark, and sometimes I let him know. I'd say we have sort of a love-hate relationship, because sometimes I pick away at him and he bites back. But I greatly admire what WisconsinCarry and Nik Clark do, and I am rejoining WisconsinCarry today, even though I am 1,000  miles away and will probably never set foot in Wisconsin again.

I urge you to join, too. Even if you are not in Wisconsin.

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Big Daddy said...

I would NEVER join the ISRA for the lies that they have told in the past about the Chicago Police Department. Those lies consist of the claim that the Officers in the CPD are given extra compensation for each gun they recover off the streets and the most recent when they called the CPD "political hacks" over some anti-gun legislation or proposed policy that a city far away from Chicago was considering.