Monday, May 16, 2016

Hillary's Veep possibles and other rants

Just took a look at the possible Veep picks that Hillary might be considering.

Now I've got to get serious about dusting off my luggage and oiling the hinges. When I saw the photo of Chelsea, Hill and Bill, I wasn't sure which Hillary might tap.

The DOJ will never operate fast enough to cuff Hillary before November. And, even if they do, a trial would take years.

Now is the time to talk up Trump to everyone you encounter. This country is doomed if a Democrat wins in November.

And what did that stupid Loretta Lyuch just say about the trans bathroom issue? They deserve equality? The trans are, what, 0.3% of the population? I'll bet not that high. And so, somebody tell me why 99.7% of the population should roll over.

Pretty soon there will be a demand for equality for brown-eyed folks.

Some wag once said, "This world would be a great place, except for the people." Maybe he really did get it right.

Do Obama's children go to co-ed school? How does Michelle feel about having Malia and Natasha shower after soccer with 2-3 boys who "identify" themselves as girls? Why do I think some southside Chicago language might fill the air around the dinner table?

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