Saturday, July 25, 2015

Gonigam beats Nygren! $80,000 worth!!!

Be sure to read the articles on McHenry County Blog and about Pete Gonigam's win over former Sheriff Nygren, who tried to keep a report on Zinke out of prying eyes. You do remember which report; right? The one where Nygren said Zinke didn't do anything wrong, after Zinke revealed a confidential DEA investigation to the president of RITA Corporation.

Judge Meyer also reportedly assessed a $5,000 fine, but it will be against McHenry County. It should have been against Nygren personally!

Brian Goode "just happened" to be a strong financial backer of Nygren's political campaigns, allowed Zinke to use his business address for his own political purposes, and kicked in some money on Zinke's own political campaign.

Goode's name is gone from the list of members of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission. (The other four familiar names are still there.)

Judge Thomas Meyer slammed Nygren for his "willful" refusal to comply with Gonigam's FOIA request, according to the headline on McHenry County Blog.

Judge Meyer finally ruled on what we all knew was true. Nygren, out of office since December 1, 2014, is still going to cost McHenry County taxpayers.

I was in Fort Myers, Fla. recently and kicked myself for not taking my last "Gus for Sheriff" with me. I had intended to go by Nygren's residence and plant it in his front yard (in the right-of-way, of course) for a photo opp. I wonder if he still owns the house there that a Crystal Lake bank over-loaned him on. Nygren has got to be way under-water on it. Remember? That was the one he said Mrs. Nygren took a homestead exemption on, while they still owned a house in McHenry County. Yeah, sure. "Marge did it." Where's the polygraph equipment???

You know, Keith? You really should not have pulled in and parked next to my car in the Jewel parking lot, while I was stopped to make a phone call, and then tried to accuse me of stalking you. Everybody got a good laugh at you about that. I should have had you arrested for stalking me!


Big Daddy said...

Where was the trial held Gus? McHenry County? Whatever happened to Zinke? Did Nygren move to Florida? Anyone know?

Gus said...

Big Daddy, Pete Gonigam's case (No. 13MR000309) started 7/10/2103; I thought it was earlier. It wasn't really a trial - more of a hearing. It dragged and dragged, although it was clear to anyone with common sense that Zinke had done wrong and that the "report" by Don Leist should have been released upon Gonigam's FOIA Request.

I don't know if Pete has received it. He may have won the battle, but not the war.

Earlier this month I was 12 miles from Nygren's Cape Coral home. I had no reason to go by it and did not.

No clue what has happened to Zinke. Last I heard, he was working for a garage-door opener company.