Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don't lower the U.S. Flag

Don't lower the U.S. Flag. Don't ever lower the U.S. Flag!

The Flag of the United States should fly high on every day of the year, except perhaps on the morning of Memorial Day.

I abhor the killings in Charleston and Chattanooga and at Ft. Hood and the twin towers and all the other unnamed (here) places. I say, out of respect for those who died, "Keep the Flag flying at the top of the mast."

Don't let terrorists or "lone wolves" force the lowering of the Flag. Otherwise, we will see the flag at half-mast more and more often.

And remove the stupid part of the law that allows the lowering of the U.S. Flag whenever some old geezer who sucked up Federal dollars for years falls over. Why should the Flag be lowered when a former, or even current, member of Congress dies, or a Governor, or some so-called dignitary? They aren't anyone special. They are just "people", like all the rest of us.

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